Financial Aid


You CAN afford a quality education. Our Financial Leader will be happy to explain all your financial options and walk you through everything you need to know and do to start a career in the salon, spa, and beauty industry.

This School is approved by the Department of Education to offer financial aid to those who qualify.

Please use the Federal School code # School Code is 032533.When submitting an application for aid online (FAFSA).

Note: the school O.P.E. ID # 03253300 may appear on certain forms when processing a loan and is different than the Federal School code.


Specific eligibility requirements vary throughout the numerous financial assistance programs. In order to be eligible for most federal and state programs, students must meet the following general requirements.

  • U.S. Citizen or National; U.S. Permanent Resident; Citizen of the Freely Associated States; Other Eligible Noncitizens
  • Enrolled at Least Half-Time in a Degree or Certificate Granting Program (Matriculated)
  • Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress


Financial aid at this School is intended to assist students with education and essential cost-of-living expenses. Funds are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and are coordinated to supplement parental support, student employment earnings, savings, and assistance from other sources.


The Financial Aid Leaders at this School are aware of the many challenges involved with financing higher education and meeting day-to-day living expenses. Families and students with special circumstances affecting their ability to cover these expenses are encouraged to speak with our Financial Aid Leader.


There are a number of ways you can get questions answered during the application process. You are encouraged to contact your school's financial aid office for personal assistance. You may also get answers to your questions over the phone by calling the FAFSA Hotline at 1-800-433-3243. Online assistance is available by clicking on the many "Help" or "Help Live" buttons at